Sts. Peter & Paul Church

Sts Peter and Paul Church

The first baptism was held at Saints Peter and Paul Church in Abie on July 22 1877, making it the oldest established Czech Parish in Nebraska. The majestic cathedral that stands today was built after the parishoners outgrew their original Church, and fire burned
the second Church to the ground in 1918. The parish celebrated its 135th Anniversary in 2011.

The Church boasts a beautiful High Altar with two side altars donated by local families, a large belfry, and a portable altar. Engraved on the small bell in the belfry are the names of the pastor, Father Kopecky and the Parish Board at the time the belfry was constructed. The basement of the Church, originally intended as a small chapel for daily mass and for classrooms to reduce heating costs, is now the site of the parish’s popular Duck and Ham Dinner, held each fall, which feeds around 1,000 people.


Czech Cemetery

The Abie Czech cemetery remains as the only reminder of the original site of Abie’s first settlement. The original Church and Cemetery were built on a hill overlooking the surrounding countryside, providing a much similar look and feel as the “Old Country” from which the first settlers came. The town and its church were moved to their present location in 1887. The Czech cemetery houses a beautiful, large cross which stands watch over the tombstone of Father Joseph Koutek, the second pastor of Abie Parish.