Dwight Assumption Parish Church

When stopping at all Butler County sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places, be sure to add Dwight Assumption Parish Church to your list. This Gothic Revival Church was constructed in 1914, and also features a school, grottoes, and shrines.

The Church that stands today is actually the second of Assumption Parishes, built after parishioners outgrew the original. The school, no longer in operation, saw 432 High School Students receive their diplomas before consolidating with Aquinas High School in David City in 1961.

The Grottoes and Shrine were the idea of Fr. Benedict Bauer, pastor from 1931 – 1943, who vowed that if Mary the Mother of God would help him become a priest, he would build a shrine in her honor. The small chapel located in the garden is one of the smallest and complete functional churches in the world – it will seat four people. The grottoes depict the Agony in the Garden, St. Jude, and smaller statues and shrines to other saints.

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