Like so many smaller communities in Butler County, Octavia is a peaceful, pleasant place to visit and enjoy the history of those towns that grew as the result of the early settlers’ travels out west. The story goes that the first settlers in this part of Butler County were in fact heading west to Colorado to strike it rich, but after hearing from those returning from that part of the country that it was a useless attempt, they chose not to return to their homelands and instead settle in Butler County. The Octavia Community Church still stands today as a reminder of the many religious groups that once populated the area – at one time, each denomination had their own building. Nestled at the foot of the hills halfway between David City and Schuyler, Octavia is a quiet, peaceful place for the over 100 residents to call “home.”

octavia_village hall octavia_crane octavia_church

Photography Credits

Dee Pohl  – Butler County Chamber of Commerce

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