Ox Bow Pioneer Memorial Park

For a taste of the out-of-the-ordinary, take a stroll through Ox Bow Pioneer Memorial Park. This park is located along the Ox Bow Trail, one of the most overlooked of Nebraska’s historic trails (also known as the California Trail, Old Freighters Trail, Mormon Road, Old Kearney Road, and Old Nebraska City Road).

While not fully developed as a tourist attraction, the park is open to allow visitors onto the property. One of the most unique features of the park is the life-sized concrete Conestoga Wagons and statues. These historic works of art create a picture of life along the Ox Bow Trail that, while gone, has not been forgotten.

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Photography Credits

Micheal Collins – NE Division of Travel & Tourism

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One thought on “Ox Bow Pioneer Memorial Park

  1. Visited today. Wish there were more signs or landmarks to know what we were viewing…Information to clue us in about the location.

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