Shinn’s Ferry

The Shinn’s Ferry Historical Marker stands today near what used to be the original County Seat of Butler County, the town of Savannah. When first traveling across the Great Plains in the mid to late 1800s, thousands of wagons and passengers crossed the Platte River en route to Fr. Kearney at Shinn’s Ferry.

Moses Shinn and his son Dick began operating the ferry in 1859. Reported to be a religious man, it is said that Moses held daily services for travelers using the ferry. A replacement was used when the original ferry was accidentally destroyed, and then a bridge was constructed at Schuyler in 1872, marking the demise of Shinn’s Ferry.

No trace of the town of Savannah or Shinn’s Ferry remain today, but visitors can see the monuments erected by the Butler County Historical Society, just one mile east and two and a half miles south of where the original county seat once stood.



david city_shinns ferry2 Shinn's Ferry

Photography Credits

Dee Pohl – Butler County Chamber of Commerce

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