St. Luke’s Czech Catholic Shrine

St. Luke’s Catholic Shrine is celebrating it’s 100-year Anniversary in 2012. This beautifully restored Czech Catholic Shrine, is a must-see on your regional church tour. After a major renovation, funded in large part by the filming done in Loma for the wildly popular film ‘To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar,’ the Church was dedicated in 1995 as a Shrine to the Czech Catholic Pioneers who had settled in the area and built St. Luke’s and other Churches.

The Shrine features a replica of the original High Altar that stands at 18 feet, 4 inches tall, 9 1/2 feet wide at its widest part, and 32 inches deep at the bottom. Services are held at the shrine six times a year, and is otherwise open by appointment only. Another uniqueness for Loma can be found at St. Luke’s cemetery as one of the few places in the state or United States where graves are situated in a north-south direction.


loma_st. lukes catholic shrine loma_st

Photography Credits

Micheal Collins – NE Division of Travel & Tourism

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