Surprise Opera House

The Surprise Opera House is another proud addition to the National Register of Historic Places. Constructed in 1913, it saw a wide variety of performances, from vocal ensembles, gospel singers, impersonators, and home talent plays. In the days before television and radio, the Opera House performances were very much anticipated and greatly attended. By the year 1917, the attractions in the larger communities near Surprise and the chance to drive out of town to view a motion picture led to the decline in use of the Surprise Opera House.

The Opera House, which measures only 70 feet long by 40 feet wide, is still in good condition and the structural and historical integrity of the building has been well preserved.

Surprise_Opera House2 (2) Surprise_Opera House (2) Surprise_Eagle's Nest (2)

Photography Credits

Dee Pohl – Butler County Chamber of Commerce

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