Another “railroad town” in Butler County, Ulysses, has endured its share of hardships over its over 140 year history. A plague of grasshoppers ravaged the newly established town in 1874 over a period of several years – Ulysses persevered and enjoyed its peak population of 700 people in the 1880s. A fire struck in 1890 and destroyed all of the buildings on the west side of the square – Ulysses once again endured, and constructed solid brick buildings, a water system, and electric plant for the town in the early 1900s. After the schoolhouse was struck by lightning in 1910 and burnt to the ground, Ulysses constructed the present brick schoolhouse that remained in operation until the latter half of the Century. While the Great Depression and drought led to an irreparable outflow of population, those residents fortunate enough to remain in Ulysses over the years have enjoyed its beautiful park, tennis courts, picnic area and park shelter.

ulysses_water tower (2) ulysses_trading post (2) ulysses_miller garage (2) Ulysses_high school (2) ulysses_gazebo (2) ulysses_auditorium (2)

Photography Credits

Dee Pohl – Butler County Chamber of Commerce

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